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About Us Our Mission

Hatimi Corporation is a specialist worldwide trade with a history of over 40 years of active business in the area of Exports, Imports and Trading. Both in the Pakistan and in the world market Hatimi Corporation is regarded as a strong partner for producers and end users of milk powders. With over 40 years of existence in the market Hatimi Corporation is able to provide reliable advice on the purchase and sale of dairy commodities as well as on trends in the dairy markets and proudly remains a family-owned business.

We are familiar with the wishes and demands of our sellers and buyers. As we see it, our role is to be an attractive partner for all market players. With this in mind we maintain close contacts with leading producers and are increasingly involved in the development of new products meeting our customers ever increasing technical requirements.

Hatimi Corporation exclusively markets the industrial skimmed and wholemilk powders in 25kg packing or in bulk of one of the most important dairy co-operatives in the Pakistan. Already long ago we established good relationship with other leading dairy co-operatives worldwide for the import and export of their milk and wheypowders, butter and butteroils. These co-operations allow Hatimi Corporation to provide its customers not only with products but also with technical assistance and solutions.

We pride to deliver value and speed to build long lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.

The business has expanded and diversified from importing spices to become a global corporation with an impressive portfolio of products and services.

Now, Hatimi Corporation is working as 'commission agent' for several business around the globe and exploring new markets.

We are proud of our commitment to excellence in our undertakings and strive to be better than the best while meeting the aspirations of our valued customers and trusted suppliers.

Our standards and targets are set to reach share of the global opportunities in the Business Millennium. We have built a mutual success by contributing to the success of our customers and suppliers.

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